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It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure

May 14, 2010 – 2:49 pm | One Comment | 698 views
It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure

Information overload has been around since the introduction of the printing press; so why do we still consider it to be a new problem?
Clay Shirky, New York University new-media professor, writer, …

Man on Wire

March 30, 2009 – 7:51 am | No Comment | 158 views
Man on Wire

On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire and illegally rigged between the New York’s twin towers. After nearly an hour dancing on the wire, he was arrested, …

The World’s First Computer Bug!

March 1, 2009 – 10:57 am | No Comment | 1,059 views
The World’s First Computer Bug!

Ever wondered why a computer bug is called a “computer bug”? I was quite amazed to find out that the term can be understood quite literally:
According to the National Museum of American History:

In 1947, engineers …