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Outtalk Your Inner Chatterbox

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The inner chatterbox is the little voice inside, the voice that tries to drive you crazy and often succeeds! It nags, criticizes, or otherwise distracts you from performing at your best. We are so used to its presence we often don’t even notice it is talking to us. The problem with this mindless chatter is that when you think a thought long enough it begins to build up a manifestation that will eventually come to pass.

So what does mind chatter sound like? You may recognize this from your own experience or just read the following funny story from the situation is hopeless, but not serious (the pursuit of unhappiness), by Paul Watzlawick:

A man wants to hang a painting. He has the nail, but not the hammer. Therefore it occurs to him to go over to the neighbor and ask him to lend him his hammer.

But at this point, doubt sets in. What if he doesn’t want to lend me the hammer? Yesterday he barely spoke to me. Maybe he was in a hurry. Or, perhaps, he holds something against me. But why? I didn’t do anything to him.

If he would ask me to lend him something, I would, at once. How can he refuse to lend me his hammer? People like him make other people’s life miserable. Worst, he thinks that I need him because he has a hammer. This has got to stop!

And suddenly the guy runs to the neighbor’s door, rings, and before letting him say anything, he screams: “you can keep your hammer, you bastard!”

If your inner chatter is negative then you need to stop the voice going on inside your head and replace it with positive thoughts like "I can figure out how to make this work." You need to do this over and over again until your negative mind chatter is replaced with positive thoughts.

As author and motivational speaker Brian Tracey says:

"Perhaps the most powerful influence on your attitude and personality is what you say to yourself, and believe. It is not what happens to you, but how you respond internally to what happens to you, that determines your thoughts and feeling and, ultimately, your actions. By controlling your inner dialogue, or "self-talk," you can begin to assert control over every other dimension of your life."

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