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bSix12 Logo Evolution

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Today I created the first logo for this site and I am pretty sure it will change a couple of times in future. So I thought it would be nice to keep a history of those changes:

V0.1: Generated Logo

My first idea was to use a logo generator to do the job. After searching for “logo generator” on delicious I found quite a few. This is the best result I got after playing around with those tools:

V0.1: Generated Logo

This logo was created by a free tool called “Logo Creatr”. I know it looks like the Google logo but I really like the colorful design. However it reminds me a bit of the first experiments I did with rendering tools like 3D Studio Max more than ten years ago… I think the Google logo could really benefit from a face-lifting these days… :-)

V0.5: Self-made Logo: First shot

Finally I decided to create my own self-made logo. I started by searching the web for inspiration. Then I was refreshing my design basics by browsing the excellent The Non-Designer’s Design Book. This book is great for those of us who need to put together a flyer, presentation, newsletter, website or logo but don’t have the background in design. I highly recommend this book. For my logo I studied the chapter on complementary colors which helped me a lot. Here is my first shot:

V0.5: Self-made Logo: First shot

V1.0: Self-made Logo: First release

After some more tweaking I had my fist design:

V1.0: Self-made Logo: First release

The solid background stands for solid principles and values. The colorful design stands for curiosity, passion and interests. The red/white combination has special meaning as these are the national colors of my home country Austria. The font is a called “Jokerman” that’s the fun aspect. And if you don’t get it from the image – there is the motto written in plain English :-)

About the numbers: 12 is a symbol of perfection: 12 months in a year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 doughnuts in a dozen. 12 is one of two sublime number’s – the other one being 6086555670238378 989670371734243169622657830773 351885970528324860512791691264. Somebody else can have that one for his logo :-D.

So 12 is the perfect number – then what about Six? Well Six is still a perfect number – let’s think of a beautiful six-sided (hexagonal) snowflake pattern for example. But sill – it’s just half of the ultimate perfect number – there are element of crappiness to it. It’s a little bit like the relationship between 42 and 21. 21 being only half the truth

This will do for now – however if you have any tips for future improvements your comments are welcome.

V1.5 Self-made Logo: Update

V1.5: Self-made Logo: Update

Whatever you want, wherever you go, whatever you do in your life, wherever you end up or wherever life takes you…

… do what makes YOU happy.

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