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Moments of Happiness

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Do you remember those moments of real happiness? Think about it for a moment.

I was really happy when…

…when my girlfriend said "I love you" for the first time!

…when I found a lost birdie while cleaning the rain pipe

…when my uncle came to see me; he passed away 8 month ago

…when I became the 1000001st customer at a big department store (The 1000000th won an Audi TT and a 10000 Euro gift voucher). Anyway… in return I am healthy

…when I finally was able to go to the toilet after a 4 hour balloon flight

Did one of those stories put a smile on your face? If yes then do the same for somebody else by sharing your moments of happiness! Remember: Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make us really happy.

Answer the above question by posting a comment below.

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  • bella says:

    For DB,

    I knew i love you before i met you..its difficult to find true love..and now that i found you i never gonna let go..

  • Ansuman says:

    this poem is dedicated to the love of my life, Monica. All i want to say is no matter what you decide, i will stand by you till i breathe my last. I respect you and most importantly I love you forever.

    When you feel sad and betrayed,
    Is there anyone you can count on every single day?
    When you feel lost and all alone,
    Will be there be anyone for you to show u the right way?

    You have made mistakes and bad decisions
    But is there anyone you can count on to tell that you were wrong?
    When you feel that you can’t go on,
    Will there be anyone to support you?

    Look inside your heart and you will find
    That person you can trust is not far away.
    Look deep into your heart, don’t give up,
    For that is the place I will always stay.

    Give me your pain, give me your sorrows,
    Let me take them away.
    Hold my hand, I promise you
    I will support you, all the way.

    I know you are afraid, don’t be.
    I know you got no idea what to do.
    Just close your eyes and look into your heart.
    For I did the same and I saw you.

  • annflowers123 says:

    its hard for me to fall in love because i always afraid to get hurt,
    i know it is part when you are in love still i can’t do it to trust the guy trully………..

  • gena says:

    im happy because i found this site and with this site they can’t criticize me..im not really good in english but im trying my best to be good enough..and this site help me to express my feelings and happines..thank you

  • gena says:

    im so happy with this website because i can share my happiness…

  • gena says:

    _happines is an attitude.
    thats why even though i dont have lovelife but im still happy because my happines is my attitude of doing right and loving god. And if you love god that means you love your fellow which is cause our happiness.

  • gena says:

    i was happy because i revoked evil.
    and thank you lord for giving motivation to wake in my lazy feeling..
    love you lord,,

  • irene says:

    he hugged me and i took it for granted. now, after he is gone. my happiest moments are when i remember the time we hugged.

  • Jelly says:

    September 29, 2011

    Hi Bhabe,

    I know at this time you’ll never read this, and this time I know somebody is also thinking of you. But either I’m not the girl who cries much, I’m the girl who loves you secretly.
    I remember the night we met, you’re the first boy I recognize, your smile and the way you look at me. You tried to ask me even though you’re shy, saying “puwede makuha contact mo?” after a while you gave your phone and I typed my number. You texted me and I read it “Hai cute.ü” that was the phrase and I smiled secretly. I was to melt when you looking at me so crazily. Like an ice under the sun. I just ignored you. Not knowing that I’m falling for you.
    You were my first boyfriend, my first love and my last. I was wrong when I denied that I’m falling for you, instead of being proud I denied you. I don’t even tell you what I feel but how sweet when you say that you love me.
    At the time that were only at the room. You told me about the story of your life, your family and a little thing about yourself. I know you kissed me when I pretend that I’m asleep and you hug me tightly. What I feel was comfort and I told my self “sana hindi ka na mawala sa buhay ko.” As I opened my eyes, I faced you. I looked at your eyes then you say “titigan tayo” I agree at what you say, Yes! I won! And I smiled at you.
    For our lunch, you asked me to eat. While eating, you’re staring at me but I don’t looked back because I’m shy. You whispered “tamis ng unang halik.” My heart beat faster and faster, a minute passed and I looked at you, again you say “first kiss,” I laughed because I can’t deny it anymore.
    Every second of my minute and my hour, I’m thinking of you, I’m looking at you and every time I miss you my heart fall.
    As I went home, someone told me you’re at Cagayan de Oro because an accident happened to you. I feel worried so I went out only to find out that you’re gone. I’m not expecting for that but you left without saying goodbye. You’re so unfair. Life is so unfair.
    I went back home, the leaves were falling, my tears were going to flow but I don’t let it go. Something inside hurts, I can’t explain it; I don’t know what I feel. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know everything.
    I will never forget you. I will keep you in my heart forever. You’re my inspiration. I wish I can see you in heaven. Take care.

    I love you


  • charu says:

    I felt happy when Karthikeyan said “I love you” to me.He is the guy that I got admired by his attitude

  • becky says:

    i was happy when i know god love me and i belong for him…..
    i was happy when i know god is with me and always be……
    i was happy when i know that god is in my life…….

  • shay says:

    I was really happy when i got my driving license in two weeks!

  • candice says:

    i was really happy to find out that my crush has a crush on me also.he told me during our acquaintance party. i was so shocked !could’nt beleive it.

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