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About bSix12

That's me: Rainer Falle, I'm your host. Hello and welcome to bSix12 – my little place on the world wide web. My name is Rainer Falle. I am an Austrian living in the Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) a wooded mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany.

I don’t like to write another boring about page so I suggest we switch to “interview mode” right now. I will start answering the most obvious questions – however over time I will add more based on your feedback.

What is this site about?

As I explore and learn exciting things I will share my findings by writing articles and post them here. Hopefully you will find some of these articles helpful, relevant or interesting. I am always looking for ways to broaden my horizon and I firmly believe that one way of doing this is to listen to other people’s opinions and viewpoints. In this spirit I am looking forward to your comments and discussions on this site. Your comments are very welcome as long as they’re on topic. The following illustration summarizes my vision for this site. It’s pretty simple:

About bSix12

What type of articles can we expect?

Those of us who use, create and share information efficiently will have a significant advantage in today’s world. I will show you how to master those challenges, show you ways to continuously learn and improve yourself and how to find people with common interests and benefit from their knowledge, experiences and advice.

I am interested in technology that makes me more productive. I will write about collaboration and productivity applications and social media.

I am passionate about creating useful computer programs. I like my job as a software engineer and software architect. A lot of my writing will be about software development, software architecture, design and usability.

Last but not least I will write about things I like not covered by the above (e.g. movies, music, books, funny stuff etc.) and share some of my photos.

If you are interested in any of these topics you can subscribe to bSix12 and stay up to date with the latest news.

What’s the meaning of bSix12?

When I was thinking about a name for this site I had quite a few ideas. The most obvious one being my name (e.g. rainerfalle.com). However this site should be more like a meeting place rather than a personal profile. So the name should reflect this as well.

“But what’s a good name for a place?” – I asked myself. I didn’t like to go with an arbitrary name either – it should mean something to me and it should be timeless…

After thinking about this for a while without any notable results it suddenly appeared out of nowhere: One of my favorite books came to my mind. A few minutes later I had a name: bSix12 is a play to Asteroid B612 the home planet of the Little Prince. I love this book. It is a masterpiece written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and has lessons for all of us.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to do all kinds of sports including squash, soccer, tennis, jogging, skiing and ice skating. Occasionally I participate in running events. I already completed a couple of marathons and half-marathons.

Beside of that I read a lot, watch movies, meet friends and I love to travel and work on interesting online projects like this site.

What’s the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?


That’s it. That’s all there is.
(If you don’t get it – DON’T PANIC – ask this question on Google and read this book)

How can I contact you?

Twitter: http://twitter.com/RainerFalle
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RainerFalle
Email: feedback@bSix12.com